Sunday, January 1, 2023

Highlight reel

Happy new year my dear friends. Highlights of the past year? Easy. My son got married to his love. My daughter got engaged to her love. And my niece, who I think of as my third child, is expecting a child of her own with her love, whose wedding we attended in Jamaica two short months before the world got locked down and everything changed forever. It's always about the children for me. If they're happy and doing well, then life is good, no matter what other challenges might be in the wings. It's such a simple equation, really, and in 2020, despite some sadness (it's real life after all), the equation definitely favored our family. My new daughter-in-law shared with me some of the wedding photo proofs they got before Christmas. I particularly enjoyed seeing the moments where I wasn't—my son getting ready with his groomsmen, his boys, the whole wedding party on the way to the lakeside chapel, their buoyant mood, their celebration and joy. Here are are few of the photos from that day that were new to me, because what better way to ring in the new year than to relive a sublime love-filled weekend in the woods that was absolutely a highlight of the outgoing year.





  1. Happy new year to you and your beloveds. Splendid series of photos.
    The power of love is inestimable.

  2. These are enough to make me weep and some of them - not for the first time! That picture of your boy and his daddy, reaching out to each other, the way new groom and his bride look at each other, the way she cradles his head in her hands. Just...these are everything.

  3. What lovely photos and thank you for sharing them.