Friday, February 20, 2009

Conspiracy Theories

One of my coworkers stopped by my desk this morning, his brow creased. "Do you think," he said as he plopped himself in the chair opposite me, "that they're artificially suppressing Wall Street and the financial markets so Obama won't succeed?"

Ahh, I thought, the mysterious, ubiquitous they. Always a promising train to jump aboard. "I mean," my friend continued, his tone urgent, "could there be a cartel of politicians and businessmen out there who have rigged this game so he'll look like he failed?"

After the last eight years, I'd have to say game rigging is definitely a possibility. I do know this: The Republicans have closed ranks around a commitment to oppose everything our new president proposes. They will whine and complain and pitch fits on every news program that will book them, about the pork in the stimulus bill and welfare spending and so-called socialism, and they will offer up not one serviceable idea in return, and they will ignore that Obama is trying to do something for people who are hurting, doing the best he can, with more heart and smarts than the last guy who sat in his chair, but no, they, in fear of their political lives, would rather take down the country, take down even their own, all so that President Barack Obama won't appear to be the hero riding into town.

You can't shake hands if only one hand is extended. You can't be bipartisan all by yourself. But I'm not worried about Obama. He knows how to play the game. And as my mother likes to say, God isn't sleeping.

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