Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Seeking Clarity

Said to me by my executive editor this morning: "No one under the age of 52 should be thinking about retiring from this company, because that's just not the way things work anymore..."

It was a single sentence in a string of sentences that added up to paragraphs, but this passing observation stood out for me as if it had blinking lights and clanging bells around it. Yes, I am under 52. There are so many ways to parse this...

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  1. I was asked today by a woman, 59, if I had begun to think about retiring. Having known her for many years she is coming to the end of our work together. i understood her question to have many meanings but I confess that I answered her honestly, and heard myself say that I would continue working until age 75. Why 75? I imagine I may not be able to listen as I do after the age of 75. I guess we are all thinking about continuing but I try as you do to not miss the present moments. XoXo