Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tender Mercies

This photograph always makes me stop and want to fall into it, my child at age three and her grandfather, the sense of joy and imminent adventure on my daughter's face, the calm comfort and protectiveness in my father-in-law's posture. Even the bindi on my child's forehead says something to me about her sense of play. But it is the expression in their eyes that always stops me. Her absolute unguarded innocence. His gentle acceptance of the world as it is. Her small hand encased in his, she looks out on the world with the simple expectation that it is good. My girl is 14 now, and she knows that the truth is more complicated. Even so, she still chooses to see the best in us. I pray that the world will reward her mercy.

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  1. Great photo. Hubby enjoyed this reminder of his favorite uncle in younger days.