Wednesday, April 29, 2009

100 Days

To mark the 100th day in office of President Barack Obama, I'm sharing some of my favorite behind-the-scenes images by photographer Callie Shell. I am so proud of our president and his family, and I'm proud of the country for electing this stellar human being. Will he get everything right? Not possible. But I trust his best intentions and analysis and intelligence and humanity, and for me, that is everything.


  1. OOOOH! These are wonderful. I'd seen a few, but not all of these. I, too, am so proud of him and most of "U.S." for supporting him.

    Yup... I've definitely got a blog crush on 37 Paddington. I've added you to my Blog Favs and will be visiting often. Take good care!

  2. Thanks, Mango Mama! It's mutual. I find I can't get enough of pics of the first family. I periodically share my favorites here. I love those out of the limelight moments when the camera catches them being a family. Take that pic where Barack is holding Malia's face in his hands. The affection on both parents' faces as the gaze at their daughter is lovely to see.

  3. Beautiful - I love the honest depth of the familial relationships captured. I've never seen this in photos of past presidents, and it warms my heart that we finally have someone 'real' in that office.

  4. lilaphase-I know what you mean. It's like your cousins made good and you're just happy for them. That leader-of-the-free-world thing can't be easy on family life, but they seem to be making it work.


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