Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Talk about the sandwich generation. Suddenly I have a multitude of forms and documents to fill out, file, send, follow up on, and none of them are for me! Well, except for our taxes, but the reason we have to get those completed pronto is so I can send them to my son's college of choice by May 1 (and of course, the government wants to see that jammy too). 

Then there is the fair hearing to file for my aunt, endless documents to fax to her eldercare lawyer, summer camp forms for my daughter and corresponding health forms (which means making an appointment with her doctor--I forgot that detail), and my aunt's monthly bills (with disbursement forms for each one) to be organized and submitted to her disablity trust, and college deposits to send and room selection forms to be completed, and insurance coverage to be bought in advance of my sons England-France trip tomorrow (talk about procrastination; that call will have to happen this morning), and travel arrangements for my kids visit to their grandmother in St. Lucia in June, and on and on and on. And then there's all the stuff I have to get done at work. My head is spinning. 

My dad used to say, "He who has no memory makes one of paper." Thank God for wise fathers and "to do" lists.


  1. Sometimes I wonder what I would do without all the entertaining logistical red tape that keeps life rolling.

  2. Fun, isn't it? Once when I was complaining about it, (I think it was last August when I had all the back to school forms to fill out), my mom said, "You'll miss it when you don't have to do it anymore." She sounded kinda wistful. So now my plan is to embrace it!