Friday, April 17, 2009

She's My Hero

When my daughter was in middle school and coming into the perfect body that is her genetic inheritance, a boy in her class came up to her one day and said, "Your butt is a mansion!" To which my girl, not missing a beat, replied, "Well, yours is a shack!"


  1. Jesus, she is pretty. And she reminds me so much of my Mali in this picture. Oh how I wish all of our girls (even the girls inside us) understood how beautiful they are. The other day Mali moaned that if I didn't make her hair look like Erica's (a complete impossibility) that she wouldn't be pretty. It stabbed me. I swept her into my arms and literally cried, "Nooo! No. No. No. You are beautiful. You are beautiful...." How can we keep that seed planted and watered with something other than tears?

  2. lilaphase, thanks!

    Tamara, makes you want to cry yourself sometimes, doesn't it? But Ms. Mali has you as her mom, so I know she will be just fine with her beautiful self! But you should maybe write about this.