Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"We are the champions..."

This afternoon, my son graduates from high school. I have no words adequate to express what this feels like. So I'll post this pics from Saturday's City Championship meet instead. That's my boy at the left side of the frame, holding the circular plaque. He's surrounded by some of his closest friends, young men with whom he's made the (stunningly fast) four-year journey through high school. Now that we're at the end, I can look back and say the school was an excellent choice for him. Back when he was in eighth grade, he wanted a co-ed high school. He was completely opposed to all boys. But he agreed to look at this school, which his parents had fallen in love with. He had a great time the day he visited, it was called a "shadow day." The teachers made him laugh. The boys made him feel part of the crew. So he went there. Now he says, if he had it to do again, knowing what he knows, he'd choose that school again in a heartbeat. No better endorsement than that.

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