Thursday, February 10, 2011

She took to her bed

"Life is what happens 
when you can't get to sleep."

—Fran Liebowitz

More beds. Not hard to figure out what's going on here. These rooms are at Strawberry Hill in Jamaica, one of the most beautiful places on earth. The view is astonishing from that hillside, and yet all I can think about right now is a bed, deep and white and luxurious in a wood louvered sanctuary with filtered mountain light. I finally get what was meant in classical tales when it was said that someone, usually a woman distressed, "took to her bed." Oh, how I wish sometimes. Meanwhile, life keeps happening.

And I am grateful.


  1. ha!
    I still couldn't put words to what I wanted to say re your last post.

    but this is a coincidence in that I was having coffee with a friend yesterday and speaking of my mother and how she used to "take to her bed".

  2. Dear Angella, I feel for your wish to rest on infinite feathers in soft white light in a loved place. But life keeps happening. I used to curse (mildly) in all the years when I could not get a HOT cup of tea--I always drank it cold. And it occurred to me, suddenly, that I was grateful, truly, because it meant I was alive and there were people who needed or loved me or just wanted to pester me--but it became for me a miniscule symbol that there were things and loved ones who needed my attention--I prefer my tea cold because it means I'm not alone. You are bone-weary and this is a silly anecdote, but one sent with every affection. xo

  3. deb, i love the connectivity of that!

  4. Melissa, not a silly anecdote at all, but a very rich one, which opens my eyes and helps me appreciate what is.

    I continue to be astounded and gratified by the generosity of my friends here. such gentle wisdom. such loving kindness. thank you dear Melissa. Now I shall go and drink my no longer hot soup with new understanding of what a blessing cold soup is. love.

  5. The older I get, the longer grows my list of fantasy beds. Thanks for adding to it. This life requires such a list for me.

  6. I remember waking up in Antigua in a similar room. There were butterflies just outside the window over my head, fluttering around and the sun was slanting through. It was like a dream.

  7. I just love you!!
    Such a way with words and a wonderful, beautiful human being!!
    <3 <3 <3 <3

  8. Ms. Moon, that's what I need, a collection of fantasy beds! It could be a whole blog!

    Elizabeth, ahh, Antigua. My husband is from there, so I can picture this dreamy image,

    Gabriele, hearts back to you, sweet woman.

  9. What would happen if your husband called your boss and said you wouldn't be in, because you had taken to your bed?

    Or, possibly, that you had the vapors? And that you were incapacitated on your fainting couch?

    Try it and let us know :)

  10. ellen! the vapors! yes! and the fainting couch! oh my God, yes!

    will keep you posted. ;)

  11. this looks like heaven to me. i want to go there, immediately. take to THAT bed. (i have been obsessively listening to the Staple singers lately. when they sing I'll Take You There--i think *this* is where they mean).
    i'm ready.

  12. Vapors was the word that came to my mind. Really, no one can prove you DON'T have them. And recovery time is open-ended - no fever to break, no cough to grow milder. What a vision of heaven, that room and that bed.

  13. Sweet Angella,

    You have been in my heart and on my mind since reading your previous post. Maybe after the dreaded "meeting" you could take a mental health break and run away with your husband for a day, an afternoon, or even just an hour if that is all that you can spare. Actually, maybe you should take that time for yourself, alone, to walk through a museum or sequester yourself inside of a warm movie theater with some popcorn.(extra butter, of course!) For me, I like to be alone, but if you prefer to share the time with your wonderful husband, that is great as well. I just think you need it. Like a woman needs soft sheets, cozy blankets and chocolate.

    So, my friend, I am giving you friend's orders! When you get through the tough stuff, you must go do something for your soul. Whatever it is that will feed your spirit is fine with me, but do it!

    With lots of love and warm hugs,