Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Life Happens

Sometimes, when there's so much happening, I don't know where to start. I'll start with the good. We went to my niece's college graduation upstate this weekend. It was held in the school's football stadium, on a crystalline blue day, with sweeping carpets of green grass and lush stands of trees greeting us in every direction--beautiful, but cold! We were all wrapped in blankets and scarves, checking and rechecking the program to see how much longer the ceremony would be. But there was a great feeling about the day, and the pride and camaraderie of the company gathered on the field was good to be a part of. In three and then four years, if all goes as planned, we will be back there for my other niece's and then my son's graduation. I'll know to bundle up! So proud of our graduate, of the wise and beautiful adult she's become. I can remember so clearly being where she is now. Every step I take in my life, I understand my parents' journey so much more.

The bad: My son is ill. I feared it was swine flu because he has friends at two of the schools that have closed in New York, and was at a party with some of them last Friday. He has a bad sore throat, a headache that's lasted for days now, and by last night, his body ached so much that his skin hurt if we touched him. He wouldn't eat, had a crazy high fever, and was shivering with chills. My husband and I took him to the doctor this morning to be tested. He lay in the back of the car, lethargic and still, more than six feet tall now, but reminding me so much of when he was a tiny sick baby and my husband and I, silent with worry, would bring him to the doctor's together.

No, it's not swine flu, nor is it strep throat. It might be mono, but that won't be conclusive till next week, when they'll do a blood test if he hasn't shaken this off by then. Sadly, he won't be running in Cities this week. It's one of the last big track meets of the outdoor season. And he won't be partying with his classmates on prom night this Friday either. Not unless this is a passing bug and he makes a quick and miraculous recovery. Actually, he seems somewhat improved already, but it might just be the Motrin.

The sweet: We have a houseful of guests--my two nieces on their way home from college, my sister in law from Antigua, who flew up for the graduation. Every night the kitchen and living room are filled with people and stories and laughter. My daughter thinks this is both wonderful and sucky, because while everyone else is finished with school for the year, she is writing final research papers and taking tests and gearing up for finals. It's tough to be the baby of the family.


  1. Gosh some scare with your son! Thank God it wasn't swine flu but it still sounds serious. Hope everything will be OK with him soon. Otherwise, sounds like had a lovely family gathering.

    Of course I haven't seen your hubby for years, and I had to chuckle when I saw the grey creeping into his beard - his cousin is looking the same way! Just reminded me how time does move on....

  2. Hope your son will be feeling better soon! What a bad time for him to get sick. I hope he doesn't miss out on too much.

  3. Deborah, it was Tracy's oldest daughter, Brittany, who graduated. She has grown into such a lovely young woman. You and Ronnie would be proud of your niece. I'll try to get pictures to post. And yes, there's a little grey creeping in with all of us. Except you. You don't look any different or older at all! Much love.

    ellen, my son seems to be willing himself to recover quickly. He is so much better today than last night even. He definitely wants to attend the Cities, which is a big track meet, even if he can't run (which I don't think he can). Thanks for the concern.