Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Family Resemblance

My niece is living with us for the summer. My brother's daughter, she is said to look just like my mother, her grandmother, did at her age. The elder aunts, my mother's five sisters, remark on this all the time. "She has the same spoon face," they say, affectionately cupping her chin. Here are photos of them, both at 19 years. What do you think? I think they are both extraordinarily beautiful and precious to me. 


  1. your niece is BEAUTIFUL!

    i don't recall ever hearing the term spoon face to describe someone's looks - my first reaction is that it isn't a kind remark, but surely my gut is WRONG -- your niece is beautiful and from the images i remember of your mom she is also - so too must be grandmother..i do like spooning with my honey!

    i sent an email re my dates in nyc to the gmail address in my address book, but i think it's the one (paddington) that you don't check very often. thought i had another email address but can't find it....yikes!

  2. she is beautiful, isn't she! and a sweetheart.

    spoon face is actually a term of endearment as used by my 80-plus year old aunts. it's a jamaicanism, and it means nothing more than a thin face. They're both very petitie, my niece and my mom.

    I will check my email!


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