Monday, June 21, 2010


Thanks to everyone for the concern about the situation with my elder aunt, who is still in the hospital, and my cousin.

My cousin has agreed to go into rehab, so my other cousin will sit down with her on Monday morning to call inpatient facilities to see who has a bed. These places want the substance abuser to make the call, as they think that shows a certain readiness for treatment. Except, we know she won't make a single call unless one of us is sitting at her elbow.

We have a list of facilities given to us by the social workers at the hospital where my aunt has been admitted to another kind of rehab, this one to improve functioning and mobility. My aunt is doing daily physical and speech therapy, which keeps her occupied in a way she misses when she's home just sitting in her chair. So that part is good. Her face looks pretty beaten up, though. When I visit her, I feel like the hospital personnel should vet me to make sure I'm not the one who did that to her. I do feel guilty that we allowed a situation where my cousin could take her out the house while intoxicated, ending with her falling out of her wheelchair.

I do hope we can find a placement for my cousin tomorrow. Most of the rehab places put applicants on a waiting list. Which is insane. Put an actively using addict on a waiting list, and by the time the bed is available, they've changed their mind, if you can even find them.

As far my cousin's older brother is concerned, his sister has had enough chances. He wants to evict her onto the street and press charges. We're trying to hold him at bay long enough to see if the rehab effort is going to work. It had better. I don't know where my cousin would go otherwise, except into the company of a very toxic and manipulative man who has abused her in the past. This is so not a good situation.


  1. oh my goodness, I just caught up on the last few posts.... no wonder there was no opportunity after tuesday to try and connect. your platter is overflowing with complex family dramas.

    sending lots and lots of prayers, healing thoughts and good wishes to you and your entire family.

    i hope you can continue keeping the older brother at bay until he comes round to giving rehab a chance. many times with addicts it takes a serious issue (like her negligence in the case of your aunt's injury) to realize that they need to change the course of their lives.


  2. ah, mouse. thanks for the prayers. i was sorry not to have seen you this time, but next!

  3. but will get better....with time. the first step is acknowledging there is a probolem...and doign soemthing about it.

  4. catching up too,
    and I feel the hope coming through here.