Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I am dealing with an almost perfect storm of crises. Hopitalizations, illnesses, money issues, apartment moves, scam artists, addicts, daddy issues and deep, complicated sorrow. None of these things, curiously, is happening to me in an immediate way. But they are happening to people I love dearly, and so I want to help them fix things. I want to make it all better. I want it now. I have no patience. My mother, who came home from the hospital today, used to say that having no patience is akin to having no faith. I'm trying to be patient and tap into the faith that all of this heartache will turn out right and reveal a purpose. But it is so hard to watch the people you love suffer.


  1. just like any stom, it may not blow over soon. but it's always right on time.

  2. Thanks, C. I'll hold that thought!

  3. Hoping things get better for your loved ones soon, Angella

  4. ah your mother's take on it.

    my mom and i talk about patience a lot as she claims to have none of it (and that is both true and not true)

    patience comes and goes....but it only stays with practice, practice, practice.

    i hope you and all those you love that have brought this perfect storm to your consciousness get through it all unscathed and no worse for wear....