Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Sunset in Negril, Jamaica.
(Photo courtesy of The Siao Dynasty)

Now in my third summer of blogging, I've noticed that a lot of us get what my friend Kim over at mouse medicine describes as "blogger burnout" when the weather turns warm. A lot of the blogs I follow go on hiatus, sometimes announced, sometimes not. And when a blogger decides to close up shop entirely, almost invariably it happens in the summer.

I feel hints of burnout myself occasionally. I get tired of what I'm writing. I wish I could be more humorous, more surprising, more wise. Or else I start to feel that what I'm posting matters only in my little universe—and yes, I could put up pictures of my children all day long—or more properly belongs in a personal journal.

But then I remind myself, I'm the one making up the rules here. I can write when I want, or I can lie fallow for a while. I can post whatever photos I wish. I can be whomever woke up in my skin today. I can follow a thread, or not. I can process small or large sorrows, or not. There's no external judge or critic. There's just me, ever grateful for those of you who choose to chime in, making life here in blog world sweet indeed.

Now you see me. Now you don't. It's summer. And what I'm feeling at this moment is pure love.


  1. a place where we make the rules is one of the BEST things about this whole blogging bit.

    see you around or not but regardless of blogging activity keep up the pure love!

  2. i think my comment got lost in cyberspace.

    not to repeat myself, but to repeat myself, i believe i did say it's nice to have a place where we make the rules and that whether we see you or not keep up with the feeling of pure love!!

    but we will see ya, when we see ya!! xxxxx

  3. mouse, thanks for the love! and for persevering with the comment thingy.

  4. I like the reminder that there's no boss looking over our shoulders... hard to remember sometimes that the whole blogging thing is a free will enterprise

  5. Amen! I used to struggle more with whether or not to blog. In fact, I stopped my blog for a few months. But when I came back to it I found I could be more casual about posting (even though I do almost every day) and I just don't angst about it as much anymore. As for subject matter, this IS your personal journal. It just so happens the rest of us can read it! I enjoy hearing about your life and your perspectives as a mom.

  6. Deborah and Steve, I so enjoy sharing this free will enterprise with you!