Friday, October 8, 2010

The daily, as of late

This photo, posted and tagged by one of my son's friends, appeared today on his Facebook page. He is with some of his college buddies at an off-campus apartment. I recognize a couple of kids around the table. One of them will be coming to our home with our son for Fall Break next week. But what really touched me and made me want to grab the photo was the caption, "Family Dinner," and the title of the album it was in, "The daily, as of late."

We humans are nourished by the sense of being valued within a community. I wish for all our children a community that values them, always.


  1. Bet this photo warmed your heart Angella - it did mine. They all look comfortable with each other and content. Nice to see that it's a diverse group too.

  2. this photo should make you feel so proud!!

    it makes me smile!!

  3. this is as beautiful as it gets.

  4. This photo and the story behind it made me teary-eyed.
    It's such a wonderful feeling, to be appreciated, isn't it?!
    Thanks for sharing.
    And thanks also for the wonderful comment you left on my blog!
    Much appreciated!

  5. Deborah, the school isn't very diverse, but the kids there are very open and warm, so it's all good.

    mouse, this made me smile, too. a happy, choked-up smile!

    deb, there's something about this scene, it's true.

    Gabriele, I can tell from your blog how much you help others feel appreciated. Love your latest post with your bright and talented grandchildren painting on silk!