Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Off Set


They called this art project "Mood Monsters." Clearly a good time was had in the making. It is fascinating to see sides of your children that they never really expressed while growing up under your roof. Last year, in his freshman year, my son acted in several student films made by his friends. In one of them, he was dressed in a suit and bowler hat, and performed a musical dance number with the other actors. He also posed with one of his friends for another friend's photography project that told the story of a disintegrating relationship through Black and White stills. Singing, dancing, acting, and now here he is using himself as a canvas. I recall my son's middle school art teacher once took me aside at a parent-teacher event, and she said, "I just want you to know your son is extremely artistic. He has a gift. He isn't really interested in doing anything with it right now, but you should know it is there inside him." At the time, my mind was mildly boggled. Not so much now.


  1. I like the clever title for their artistic endeavors. Looks like energized creativity.

  2. Paul C, nice to meet you here! I rather liked the title myself.


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