Wednesday, October 6, 2010


My daughter says she almost bought one of these masks when she was in Venice this summer. I'm drawn to the scrollwork on the windows, and the drape of orange cloth and the dresser in the right corner that reminds me of my father's. Mostly I love the other world-ness of this. 



  1. Great photo! Love those windows. It's wonderful that she was able to have that experience.

  2. Angela I had to come here and thank you for your comment on my post. You are so generous with your experience and spirit and support, it's invaluable to me right now. I feel so blessed to have understanding blogfriends who can relate and empathize while encouraging me to keep my eyes open, to not be blinded by emotion. Thank you Angela xoxox

  3. Maggie May, they way you write, your art, your searing honesty about what it feels like to be you, moment to moment, is such a gift to those of us who can relate to that way of being in the world, but don't have the words. As you seek healing, you heal others, too. Thank you for that, as we both practice breathing.

  4. Deborah, truly the world opened up for her this summer. As you can see, she brought some of it home.


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