Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Man

Happy birthday to the love of my life, a good man with a wry humor to whom I am lucky enough to be married and with whom I am parenting our children. I used to say that if we'd started sooner, I could have had ten children with this man. He is that kind of father, even if I am way too high-strung a mother. Here are some pictures I found in a box recently. They show who he is. They reveal the man we get to love and get exasperated with and be silly with and laugh with every blessed-by-fortune day.

New York City, 1992

Christmas in St. Lucia, 1992

Thanksgiving in New York, 1997

And one more picture. This was one of a series taken by our daughter for our anniversary a couple of months ago. We're actually goofing around in most of the pictures, but this one captures something, a moment.

August 2010

We're going to our daughter's soccer playoff game this afternoon. Celebrations later.


  1. What a beautiful couple you are!
    You know I love this. I'm so glad I get to visit you here.

  2. Oh! And happy birthday to that gorgeous man of yours!

  3. happy birthday! never forget how blessed you are (i love these vintage photos)

  4. Another birthday already?? Wish him well for me. Beautiful family photos. I love your hair short - you look mahvelous dahling!

  5. oh , they are AMAZING,
    and the anniversary one ~ swoon. that looks like real love. congratulation.
    you are gorgeous and radiant and very blessed.

  6. happy belated birthday!!!

    thanks for sharing these images - they are wonderful. as noted ou are a beautiful couple!

    wishes for many, many wonderful years

  7. Ms. Moon, Candice, Deborah, deb, mouse--I will dutifully pass on the birthday wishes and inform my husband and your generous compliments!