Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Two Worlds

Suddenly mouth is dumb; eyes
hurt, surprised it is we
who have changed...

                 To travel
is to return
to strangers.

—From Exile 
by Dennis Scott

I was glad to go home and 
I am glad to be home and 
I am glad I found no strangers. 


  1. I think about how much less of a stranger I would probably feel in that world where you have just been than in the world where you live.
    Maybe not, though. Maybe not.

    1. dear mary, the world i have just come from is much more like your world, it's true, but i think new york would also be utterly charmed by you. no doubt.

  2. So beautifully written, love the photos and your wonderful family web. Your words never fail to move me.
    Your daughter looks so much like your mother in the first picture and you, you have always been beautiful.

    1. susan! susan! susan!!! ha! i always love it when you pop your head up here! how are you, friend. love to your beautiful family.

  3. Serenity or hustle & bustle... I love them both!
    Sending hugs, my friend ~