Monday, April 16, 2012


We are just back from our trip to deliver our youngest to her college overnight, which we did, leaving her at the appointed place to meet her host and other prospective freshmen, then getting out the way.

Long story short, our daughter has decided where she will go to college next year. In the end, she chose here. One of the admissions counselors told us they had decided they wanted our girl in their school from the day they met her last year. All that needless worry. Life is a wondrous thing.

While she was away making her decision, we visited with our son and niece, and my son's best friend from childhood, and his best friend from high school, all of whom attend school in the same town. Our son gave us his time this trip. He hung out with us all day yesterday, and this morning, we picked him up from his dorm for breakfast and he hung out with us again, until his friends started calling to see if he wanted to go swimming in the gorges because it was, for the season and the place, a spectacularly blue day.

I soaked in the gift of being around him, and my niece, and the other two young men.We all went to dinner in town last night, laughing and telling stories and the college kids musing on after-college futures in the diplomatic corps or the secret service or in finance on Wall Street, or in an artists' studio, or maybe an architect's, and of course one a fire department paramedic and the other a dentist, and all of us wondering how our girl's overnight was going, and marveling that our baby was old enough now to be making college decisions and weighing a grown up future of her own.

An update: My mom is home from the hospital and is on the mend. Thank you for the prayers and good wishes and healing chants. Keep them coming. You are all magical beings. Love.


  1. Oh, Angella -- I imagine it was hard to let her go for that one night, given what it means for next year. But there must be so much joy and pride, too -- I loved going back to that old post and seeing your beautiful daughter when her dreams were just that -- dreams. And now here's the reality!

  2. Oh dear - I am so close to the Kid Going to College thing, I can taste it. (It tastes like tinfoil).

  3. All is well in Lister-Land. That's good news.

  4. Yay! Exciting news! And I'm glad everything is OK with your mom.

  5. This is all such good news. Does it seem like for a moment, at least, you can breathe?

  6. I'm thinking about sending Claire to you next school year so you don't fall apart. Sound good?
    Your Friend, m.

  7. Of course they loved your daughter when they met her! So happy for her.

    And I'm SO happy to hear your mother is home. What a relief, huh?

  8. i love that part about the admissions counselor telling you that they knew right away....such validation for a mother! (you knew she's perfect; turns out, they knew!)
    is this the college i think it is?


    it's not so far away, angella...

  9. Elizabeth, there is joy and pride and i too was moved to see the pictures from a year ago, when this was all a dream. thank you for bearing witness with me.

    Omgrrrl, tinfoil. yes. but i hope there is sweetness in the end. good luck!

    Cro, thank you, friend. I am savoring the moment.

    Steve, thank you!

    Ms. Moon, I am staying home today so I can prolong this moment! I just want to be in my house, living in the consciousness that all is well.

    Mark, sounds perfect!!!! Lovely, Claire. You can visit as often as you like. xo

    ellen, they did! i hope i don't get them in trouble posting that!

    Susan t., it is the college you think it is, in the town where your son goes. see you there!

    Chrissy, thank you, dear one!

    Rebecca {{{{{you}}}}}

  10. ps. Sorry Angella I meant that hug for you. I must have had Elizabeth on my mind.

  11. Rebecca, I know you did. And you were hugging Elizabeth, too. It's all good. xo

  12. Oh sweet one, I am so sorry that I missed the news about your beautiful mother but am so happy to know that she is back at home now. I will pray for an uneventful recovery from this point on. I am sure that you were sick with worry, Angella.

    Such wonderful news about your lovely daughter! Since our first daughter went to and graduated from college, our other daughters have chosen less conventional paths, but we always insist on some college even if the end result is to do what our second daughter did, which was to leave early to begin her own business! Congratulations on your daughter's choice of a college! They are VERY lucky to have her! What an incredible asset she will be.

    So much love and big hugs.