Friday, April 13, 2012

Fellow Americans

Walter Mosely in The Daily Beast

"The crime is an unarmed man-child shot down in the streets of America when the admitted shooter is allowed to walk free. The crime is a nation of possible Florida vacationers who have to march in protest in order to get the tourism-based state to turn its eye toward justice. The crime is a corporate-owned media that picks and chooses among the cases for which it will open the floodgates of national opinion. The crime is the everyday citizen of America in the 21st century using archaic and inaccurate terms such as white and black rather than fellow American. The crime is a broader media that has convinced our citizens that they are in such imminent danger that they feel it necessary to vote for legislation such as Stand Your Ground."


  1. Read this on fb yesterday. Especially like the part where he says the murder of a young man is the crime, no matter who is on which side of the equation. We are in a frightening place.

  2. Thank you for posting that. I'm going to cut and paste elsewhere.

  3. The crime also is that there is a law on the books (Stand Your Ground) that allows people to do what Zimmerman did. technically, because he said he believed his life was in imminent danger, they were not able to arrest him. That's the whole point of the law, it's why an arrest wasn't made, and it's absolutely ridiculous. If they are going to insist on leaving it on the statute books, they should at least make it legal to arrest the person firing the shots. It might turn out that in some cases, a shooter had a right to be in mortal fear of his/her life, but we can't just assume that and let everyone walk away.

  4. Have no fear, he'll end up serving a very long prison sentence. Otherwise what would be the point of having a legal system at all?


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