Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Happy birthday to my dad, Lascelles, who would have been 89 years old today. I miss you, Daddy. I will be forever grateful that it was you who were my father, my role model, my protector, my champion, my guide. My life's blessings, too many to count, have issued from you and your beloved Gloria, my mom. That is forever true and I am forever blessed. Amen.

My dad was in his usual mischievous form a week after walking me down the aisle.

My mom keeps this photo of my dad, dashing on a motorcycle, next to her bed.

At Buckingham Palace, he received a knighthood for his work as jurist.

People we love dearly—my parents and brother (age 6); my husband and his parents.


  1. Oh my soul! I am sending a little sweet thought of gratefulness to the universe for your daddy and his life on this earth.
    And you know this but your parents- so gorgeous! What a life they must have had together! I know you made them so proud and still make your mother so proud.
    Love to you, Angella, on this day of the anniversary of your father's birth.

  2. Happy Birthday to your dad in heaven. This is a beautiful tribute!

  3. My heart just catches in my throat when you write of your family, Angella. I just never tire of it -- probably due to all the love that pours forth from you to them and them to you and so on and so forth, always. Your photos are, as always, luminous, too.

  4. i LOVE looking at vintage photographs. there's so much love in them.

  5. What a top hat! Love that photo.
    Sending love.

  6. Happy birthday to your dad up there! You come from good people as they say. Hoping you had a good and happy moment remembering.

  7. Your dad was knighted?! Wow! This is a great post.

  8. Happy birthday to your angel father. I know that he is watching over you and your family, always. That job never, ever ends. Such a wonderful life your parents created and now look at you and what you and your husband have done! You come from such fantastic people:) Beautiful, intelligent, thoughtful, loving people. How could you have turned out anything but all of those things! Thank you for sharing such lovely photos and such beautiful moments. I truly enjoyed looking at each one. I adore family photos.

    When I popped over to your blog, I somehow first came to a post that you wrote on August 31 of this year. I read it as if it was your latest because it included your mom and Aunt Winnie and it immediately touched my heart and created a lump in my throat. Those things never happen by accident and it wasn't until after I wrote you a comment that I noticed the date and that it was not written today. So much of what you expressed in that post reminded me so much of what I am going through with my 73 year old father right now. It is very difficult to witness but of course, it is the order of things. I was definitely led to that post and I am so grateful that I read it tonight. And the photo that your daughter took, "The Station", keeps replaying over and over again inside of my mind. She has so many talents, just like her momma:)

    I just tried to choose a favorite photo from this post. Can't do it. It's like choosing a favorite child!

    Love to you on your dad's birthday!!!

  9. I agree with Elizabeth, I love your love.

    And I always get such a kick out of the motorcycle photo, and the way your Mom chooses it to keep so close.