Friday, October 5, 2012

Night Travel

She decided to take the 1 a.m. bus, which got into the city at around six this morning. It's fall break for her school, and several of her friends were on the same bus, with plans to share a cab home from the terminal once they arrived. I went to bed knowing that when I awoke I would see my girl, I cannot tell you the joy. She let herself into the apartment while we slept. She put down her bags and then dived onto our bed, landing with a thud and an exuberant laugh between her parents. We woke at once, our arms reflexively encircling her, a big glad family bear hug as the dawn slipped through the blinds. I said her name over and over, breathing in her warmth, the solidness of her in my arms after these long months. I thought, I am a mother again. I am a mother.


  1. I so love it when they dive into bed with you. I do the same exact thing, I just breathe them in. Enjoy your visit with her.

  2. WOw, you always find the right words to make me tear up. Glad you have your girl with you. Enjoy.

  3. I'm glad you'll have a chance to spend some time together, though I think it might have terrified me to have someone dive into bed with me when I was asleep!

    1. Steve, i had been anticipating her arrival, even in sleep, so it was delightful, my recognition of who it was was immediate, so it wasn't at all scary. I am wondering, though, what is is about my children that they like to surprise us!

  4. I love these beautiful stories about your lovely and loving family. So glad for you!

  5. Love, love, love this.
    Now I stand on the brink of a younger generation diving. I can't wait.