Monday, March 25, 2013

You have my whole heart

While waiting to see what the Supreme Court will rule about the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act tomorrow, waiting to see if the justices will strike it down and allow people of any gender who love each other to marry, I'm browsing photos of grown up bedrooms, because I am playing with the idea of completely redoing ours, getting rid of the desk and the computer there that no longer works, putting the printer in the armoire, filing papers, shelving books, throwing out magazines, clearing clutter. Time to move the home office and former homework central out of there and maybe bring in a romantic old-world candlelabra. My husband likes a white room, and I might too, except that sometimes I want to paint the walls midnight blue with red acccents, or turquoise and green, or shell pink and lemon yellow. Maybe that's why my husband likes white walls. He has no idea where my imagination might lead us if he gives in to color. For years we lived with rose-colored walls, then when we moved we decided on an all white loft-like feel to go with the maple wood floors. Now I might be ready for color again, at least brightly colored accents. Of course I haven't yet lifted a finger to effect this transformation, but stay tuned.

(Neither of these rooms is mine.)


  1. Your room is actually very pretty already but I understand the want to change. Our bedroom is in a terrible state. I am wanting to go with soft greys with purple accents. It is a small room and doesn't have a lot of clutter. If anything it needs some clutter. Everything it too stark and bare right now.

  2. I did almost all my walls in Sherwin Williams sea salt and I LOVE IT. The color actually changes through the day/night with the quality of light. Sometimes more blue, more green, more grey, lighter, darker. It makes me very happy and my new tenant likes it.

    I think it's the island girl in me that appreciates it so.

  3. Sounds like a plan. Our room is small and much too crowded and cluttered.

  4. I love this kind of musing -- I have been yearning to change around things in our home -- paint the hallway turquoise with white trim and reframe all the photos. I'd love to do my daughter's room as well -- and the dining room. And the living room -- oy!

  5. I saw a beautiful huge chandelier at Costco this weekend for $199 (not bad!), I love chandeliers. But not over a bed! No!
    I vote for color. Of course. ;O/

  6. Yo, why not a chandelier over the bed? Is it bad fung shui? Please tell!


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