Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A simple good day

It's a very good morning in my world. My dad-in-law is reported to be on the mend, having suffered a bout of food poisoning. The doctor gave him medicine to settle things down and he is starting to regain his strength. Deep relief and gratitude.

My husband, too, is on the mend from an achy breaky flu, and is home for a second day, regaining equilibrium. I was properly non-reactive last evening, and so I suppose he felt safe coming out of his cave, I wasn't going to go all nuclear on him (trust me, it has happened) and we are just fine.

The day is birdsong clear and blue, and all along the Hudson River on my way to work this morning, I saw intricate driftwood sculptures, created on the riverbank by some public artist I shall have to research. I love those found pieces of art he or she creates, and missed them when Hurricane Sandy blew them all away.

I'm all dressed up at work today because there's another awards dinner tonight and one of the stories I edited is taking home a prize. The cab driver whose taxi I rode in this morning told me cheerfully, "Your perfume smells so very nice." I actually wasn't wearing any but I answered just as cheerily, "Thank you!" Meanwhile my daughter will sit the last exam of her freshman year today, and her first grade posted is a big fat A. Nicely done! I see this as evidence she's mastered that "close reading" approach they're so big on in college these days and also that the paper she wrote on the bus to Boston two weeks ago was fully adequate, despite my being dubious.

And my son, well, the celebration continues, though it will have to simmer down starting today as the outdoor track and field team travels to compete in Regionals tomorrow. In the meantime, this is the sort of thing that is showing up on Facebook this week. That, my friends, is what senior week looks like. Seems like they're having some fun.


  1. Oh my. The power of young men in their prime. I hope they ARE having as good a time as it looks.

    I'm having a nice, simple day too. I saw a fox on my walk this morning. We looked at each other and I was the one who decided to change my route. Not that I am afraid of foxes, but it did feel like a little blessing, just that contact with another species. That brief eye contact.

  2. God, I remember senior week. I remember driving away most vividly - my car packed, leaving Pat and whistling for my heart to follow me out of town. You never know what will happen. We still don't, do we...?

    And Ms. Moon - I like to think of the fox as my totem. I used to dream about foxes when I was younger. A therapist who was really into dreamwork told me they were shy, clever things and I needed to embrace my inner fox =)

  3. Awesome news and those young men, how I enjoy their zest for life!

  4. I am glad your father in law and husband are doing better. Congrats to you for another story work recognition! That is awesome! And to your daughter too for her good work. She sounds like one of the naturally talented types. It does look like your son is having good fun. Sometimes I wish I threw caution to the wind more thru my years. I've played it very safe and though it is never too late I am sort of in my quiet groove by now. I do like to see kids really taking advantage of all the moments they have before them. Sweet Jo

  5. Oh, good news. And such a good photo!

  6. Oh boy. I can feel all that excitement and goodness in the air. I know you are so proud of your children, just as you should be.

  7. Also: a HUGE congratulations on the story. Those writers are lucky to have you working with them.

  8. Well, congratulations on another award! Woot!

    And I loved this: "the day is birdsong, clear and blue..."

  9. I'm glad to hear your father-in-law and husband are both on the mend. Whew!

    The New York Times has written about that driftwood scuptor before, though I can't remember his name. I'm sure a simple Google search would turn him up.

    Yay senior week! Yay prize-winning story!

  10. What a beautiful photo that last one, especially, is.
    All those colors: skin, sky, landscape.
    Oh my our world is a beautiful place!