Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Number one!

So guess who coaches the top-ranked high school long jumper in the country?

My boy, that's who!

Only his second year of coaching and look at that.

That's our son on the left, with the star athlete in the middle and on the right my son's former jumps coach from high school, who recommended him for the coaching job when he graduated college, and who was on hand to see the record-breaking jump.

This is what my son wrote on social media after the meet this past weekend:

"Yesterday was incredible. I watched one of my athletes have an amazing day with a long jump of 24ft 6in which made him #1 in the nation. Then my team finished out the meet strong and rallied from behind to win and become the #1 catholic school in the state. I think I qualify as the happiest coach in the nation. #Blessed #BeastMode #NationalsHereWeCome"

He is feeling pretty amped right now, which doesn't begin to express how his proud parents are feeling. You'd think I jumped those twenty-four-and-a-half feet myself!

It doesn't surprise me one bit that my boy is a great coach. I know from how he trains me in the gym.