Monday, January 7, 2019

We flew South for a few days

And it was divine. We stayed with dear friends in Ft. Lauderdale, and as we told them, five-star hotels have nothing on their hospitality. They are the warmest, kindest, most generous souls, this lovely couple whom we have known since before we had children, who broke our hearts by moving away from New York. Twenty-seven years ago when I was pregnant with my son, they painted and decorated our entire nursery as a shower gift. They have impeccable taste, are in the real estate business, and their home is gorgeous and elegant yet every corner is welcoming and comfortable. My cousin from Virginia was also there with her family, and the first day, we all went to the beach. The last day, our friends held a "fish fry" around the pool, with fish soup, blue crab, pepper shrimp, escovitch fish, festival (a kind of biscuit we make in Jamaica) and the most delicious jerk pork I have ever tasted. They knew we have relatives in the area, and wanted us to have an occasion to gather with them—that's how thoughtful they are. My love and I relaxed completely in their company, and in the company of my cousin and her family, and it was wonderful. Now there's a plan afoot for our three families to rent a sprawling house in Martha's Vineyard for a week this summer, a reprise of the group trip we took to my cousin's husband's reservation in Montana when our kids were small. The kids are all grown up now, and some are with fairly serious significant others. The plan is for us all to gather, and bask in love. I hope we really do it. Stay tuned.

Soulmates on Hollywood Beach

Walkingeagle clan

Not a care in the wind

Stay salty, my friends

Never underestimate a Jamaican at the domino table!

Our younger hosts, so grown up

The feast

He made some bangin' fish soup and pepper shrimp

My nephew serenaded us

The view each night as I turned in

One more, our lovely hosts twenty-six years ago when they still lived in New York, with my son, their godson, who was then one year old. He adored them then, and does so still. 


  1. It is sweet when friends become family. Good to gather in the sun in early January! My favorite photos are the one of you and your love on the beach and the old photo of your friends and your son at one year old. Thank you for sharing this joyful occasion.

  2. Whoa! Now that's a beautiful vacation! How full your heart must have been the whole time- not with worry or anxiety but with joy and love.
    Beautiful place. Beautiful, beautiful people. All of you.

  3. How very fine! I love Hollywood Beach and was there visiting my husbands family in September. I also love festival!!! You two look amazing on that beach! It suits you!

  4. That sounds like a lovely way to spend a few days. Good food, good friends and sunshine.

  5. can't get much better than this. and a reprise at Martha's vineyard sounds just as wonderful.

  6. What a wonderful love-fest of a vacation. The best way to reconnect with friends of the heart in the warm sunlit south in winter.

  7. Looks like a wonderful escape with good friends -- and what a beautiful home! Like a resort! The fish spread looks amazing, too, and I love your nephew's yellow shirt.