Saturday, June 8, 2019

Life elsewhere

That's my niece, my other daughter. Isn't she pretty with her day 2 hair? She and her husband moved to Dallas and I miss them. But they'll be back in New York this Thursday to attend yet another wedding. All their crew are getting married, it seems. Last night she took her cousin Dani (who now lives with us and is starting to feel like my third daughter) and me on a Facetime tour of their new apartment. So shiny and spacious and fancy. With a view of the pool. People live so well in other parts of the country, unlike in New York, where space is at a premium and a bit of grunge is the norm. They say they're only there for a couple of years, but I suspect the ability to stretch a dollar so much farther than is possible in New York, and the comparative ease of life away from this concrete hustle, may seduce them to stay. At least when they visit New York now they bunk with us. We've actually seen them more often since they moved away from the city than when they lived here. Still. Last night, after we got off our Facetime call, my husband said, "When are we going to Dallas?"


  1. I love that portrait - beautiful!

    So, when ARE you going to Dallas? :)

  2. Lord, but she's pretty!
    Interesting take on living in NYC vs Somewhere Else. You're right- one really has to want to be there.

  3. Your niece is so beautiful and I love her hair.

  4. Yes. Other places. Texas scares me.