Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Invisible essence

"We are each other's harvest; 
we are each other's business; we are 
each other's magnitude and bond."


That quote by poet and author Gwendolyn Brooks is the whole truth. 

So the impeachment inquiry has begun, and we all know how that will go. The president and his minions will refuse subpoenas to testify, and the Republican base will call it a witch hunt. I mean, none of Trump's other criminal and morally bankrupt actions have made a dent in his popularity among the Republican base, so why should his withholding hundreds of millions in aid from Ukraine in order to pressure them to deliver dirt on Vice President Biden be any different? It's illegal, yes, but so are any number of other acts that the president has committed in plain sight. With cameras rolling. Yet he slithers along, creating more chaos, causing more devastation to the country and the world.

Don't get me wrong. I think they should impeach the MF. I also think they need to throw anyone who refuses to testitfy or otherwise comply with the law in jail. I know this will only convince the Republican base that the president and his henchmen are being persecuted, because the doddering psychopathic dementia-addled narcissist who can barely find his way through a sentence on a teleprompter and who garbles his responses in every press interview, but who becomes a rabble rousing beacon of white supremacy when he stands before his base, is their cult hero, the man who hates who they hate, who they don't realize has nothing but contempt for them as well.

That being each other's harvest isn't working so well in practice, is it? Not for the good, anyway—at least not right now, or not that we can readily see. Let's hope something good is happening behind the curtain. We press on.

I'm traveling to DC tomorrow, and I feel sick today. In choir rehearsal on Monday, the woman behind me coughed non stop in my direction for two hours. My daughter also had the flu last week, though she tried very hard not to spread it to anyone. And last night, I had dinner with three family friends, and two of them were fighting colds. Now I feel weak and achy, my brain foggy. This kickoff meeting with my book subject, her communications director, her agent, and the acquiring editor on Friday is so critical. I simply can't be sick. I am swallowing Vitamin C, Zinc and Echinacea tablets by the handful (hyperbole). I just need to get through the weekend, then this flu can lay me down if it wants. Please just give me the weekend.

The photo is of street art posted in Freemans Alley, where new and overlapping expressions of human creativity and populist sentiment appear daily. It's a never ending art exhibit, an egalitarian public gallery, my new favorite place in the city.


  1. Oh, god, honey. I'm so sorry you're feeling like you might be getting sick. Bad, bad timing. As you well know and don't need me to remind you.
    What a pouty image of a young Mick Jagger. Invisible essences indeed.
    Your words on Trump are perfect. He does slither through it all. Eventually though I can't help but feel that he will be brought down. His base though- you're right. They're going to call it the holy persecution of the one true chosen. So what? The law is the law. Which hasn't exactly held any meaning since that "doddering psychopathic dementia-addled narcissist" stepped into the white house. You put it beautifully.

  2. You describe perfectly the times we are living in. Yes, we press on. Really hope you feel better and well enough to make the trip to DC and meet with everyone on Friday. Thinking of you and sending good wishes from California to you.

  3. Amen. All will be well with your trip to DC. Surrounding you in love.

  4. Wishing you good health, beyond the weekend too. Oh, I feel for you, facing such an important time and not sure of what will happen. Hugs, my friend.

    "Slither" is such a perfect word for what the prez does. I believe -- I HAVE to believe -- that eventually his flagrantly self-centred and lawless behavior will bring him down. It can't come soon enough.

  5. I hope you feel better, dear friend.

  6. "doddering psychopathic dementia-addled narcissist", a perfect description. I hope you're either feeling better or cancel your appointment. The flu seems to be making an early start this year.

  7. Gosh I love your writing. I hope your efforts to ward off illness work for you.
    PS: I feel exactly the same way about him. Slithering snake.

  8. Oh Honey, It is Monday and I really hope that you were able to get thru the weekend without the flu attacking you. I am so very sorry not to have been online in so many weeks but thank you for the comment on my blog you left for me. It really makes my day to know my friend stopped by and I am sending you lots of love and light and hoping that your feeling much better by now.

    I had a mild case of pneumonia and yet I am still sick and I have an ear infection and sore throat so my doctor today tested me for the flu and strep and I am so thankful they came back negative and so they assumed it is viral. Still feel like crap tho.

    Did you read that Mitch McConnel said that if the house votes to impeach that POS then senate rules say they have to do a trial??? WHOA!!! But the outcome will be just as you described about the inquiry not cooperating with the process.
    Just like everyone else I really loved your description of that Piece Of Shit man. I can not call him my president. He is not worthy to set one toe in the White House but yet there he is with his lying minions.

    Honey take care and I now have my computer up and running beside me on the sofa so I can blog and read at least. Lots of changes in my life right now. I have all of my grandchildren so sick or not I too am pressing on. Hugs!

  9. I hope your meeting went OK! There's nothing worse than being sick and having something important to do.

    I like Ellen's comment. As much as humans build each other up, we also tear each other down.