Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Just life

We had heat waves, lightening storms, and flash floods this past week in the city, extreme weather that I've mostly watched from inside my house. I walk in my garden sometimes, and sit on a bench and turn my face to the sun, but it's been a slow week, blessedly so, as my left leg is wonkier and more achy than usual, and my right foot has developed some kind of pain along the arch. I am a crooked sight as I walk, rocking side to side, and I must be getting wiser because for once, I don't even care.

My son-in-law-to-be went to Tulum, Mexico, with ten other guys including my son, for his bachelor fling this past weekend. I worried about my girl being alone in their apartment while he was gone, for the first time without the frisky energy of Munch. I was ready to go and spend the nights with her, but she and her cousin Leah flew to Dallas instead, to hang out with my niece Leisa and the delightful Harper while Harper's dad was off partying with the boys. I heard the guys had a great time and didn't get up to too much mischief, while my daughter and nieces enjoyed the company of Miss Harper. They sent me pictures and videos of them sun hat shopping, eating out at restaurants together, Harper in tow, and my girl in the pool with Harper for her swimming lessons. Though there's still something sad in her eyes, my daughter looked happy and fully in the moment—who can be anything but with Harper in the house? Babies are healing souls.

Harper was bushed after a day of liming with her mom and her two auntie besties. Looks like she fell asleep in the middle of trying to remove her shoes.



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