Friday, May 13, 2011

Blue and Moon

"Don't tell me the moon 
is shining. Show me the glint 
of light on broken glass."
—Anton Chekhov

That quote brings back a memory. I'm awash with memories this month! Perhaps it is the nostalgia that comes with birthdays once you reach a certain age. Anyway, I remember showing my mother a story I had written when I was seven or eight years old, and she responded with a comment that had been made to her by a teacher when she was a student. She said, "Don't tell me the Duchess raved. Bring out the Duchess and let her rave!" Thanks to my mother, I was not yet ten years old when I learned the difference between "showing" and "telling." At work, when we editors write comments on stories, the comment I most hate to see is "telling, not showing." But when I do see it, I remember my mother and her Duchess raving, and I know what to do. 


  1. Have a great weekend, Angella!
    Blogger totally ruined it for me yesterday. I put out one of my cutest posts ever, and Blogger ruin my mojo. I will spend tomorrow visiting everyone's prior posts.
    Good night! m.

  2. Yes, Blogger removed all of the comments on my latest post, as well:(

    Love you, too, sweet one.


  3. Love the colors in this photo.

  4. Oh glord the complimentary blue and orange such delicious eye candy! I love that photo. Blogger reminds that art is not eternal.

  5. I do love this photo -- it's so beautiful that I almost want to frame it!

  6. Sigh. I love catching up with you and your wonderful world. Have a wonderful weekend with your family!

  7. It's a very beautiful photo. It looks magical.

  8. All of the above. Yes. Love you, dear.

  9. That is a fantastic quote "bring out the duchess and let her rave!"


    ...and I love Chekhov (talk about memories)

  10. Love this, especially since I'm in Russian mode this week, after watching The Cherry Orchard.


    Sending love, my friend ~

  12. Oh that photo! Now that is showing! But do tell, where was it taken?! ;)

  13. Yes love this show, don't tell. Great advice from your mother. And always details. My daughter just wrote about rain washing down someones face and mixing with their eye make-up to... purple coloured rain...Love that

  14. The colors in the photo and an image of moon glint on broken glass feel like nourishment. Tasks relating to order - in the service of creativity - are calling me and the other side of my brain was hungry. xo

  15. Mark, it was an adorable post, truly. I am glad you got my comment because really, your daughter was just lovely and the dress was divine. Blogger was truly no match for the pair of you!

    Debra, congrats of your daughter's amazing Groupon commercial. She is so talented. We will be seeing more of her for sure.

    Kristin, the colors and the shapes really captured me. The blue, the orange, the purple, and the color of twilight. yes. thank you for being here.

    Rebecca, blogger is not eternal. This scares me. I would miss you!

    Elizabeth, i might frame it too.

    Kathleen, I hope you are enjoying rambunctious overgrown children romping through your home!

    Olga, you know about magic.

    Ms. Moon, love to you too, earth mother woman.

    Gary, i would love to hear your Chekhov memories sometime.

    Tess, I haven't read the cherry orchard since college! how was it?

    Gabriele, my mother is quite brilliant. It took me a while to know that.

    Jayne, it was taken on Manhattan's east side.

    Jody, I can totally see it. Your daughter evokes so much in that one amazing image.

    Marylinn, this nourished the right side of my brain, too. the colors and shapes are delicious. the photographer is a new yorker named Joy Chase. How are you doing, dear one?

  16. Angella, I am navigating the triangle of writing-visual art-life, finding moments of illumination in each segment, thinking about time and wondering how to fit so many dreams and intentions is whatever there may be. xo

  17. Marylinn, dreams and intentions have their own power. They elbow their way in, bringing their own illumination. Thank you for sharing that.