Friday, May 27, 2011


Sometimes the universe delivers to your heart just what you need. Today it came in the form of this post from Grady doctor. I have not been to see a doctor in years. Ironically, when I started this blog back in June 2008, it was to push myself to begin taking better care of me. I dipped my toe in the water and then sat on the shore, never following through, at least not in the medical sense. This morning, I pulled up a chair and set down my coffee and had a good long visit over at Reflections of a Grady Doctor. She is a bedrock good soul, such a good mother, friend, doctor, wife, human being. You can just tell. She cares about her patients, which somehow makes me feel as if she cares about me. I can't explain it. Or, more truthfully, I choose not to. But my throat is full and it is not from sadness. It is from sheer wonder at the way this works. Thank you feels like a cliche, but it is what I can do. Thank you, especially because of them.

"If you're lucky, 
everything you do is in 
the context of love."

—Ms. Zebedee


  1. Hey, what's your husband doing with my kids?
    Have a great weekend! m.

  2. I remember that beginning. Good for you, Angella.

  3. Yes. I love reading that doctor --

  4. wow.....beautiful, thanks for sharing the link

    mrs z and the grady doctor are two wise women!!

  5. No matter which photo of your wonderful family you post, there is always love in their faces. Beautiful.
    Wishing you all health and happiness!!
    Sending love, my friend ~

  6. In my best, least mind or ego driven moments, I know it all comes down to love, every single thing. It is my guide, the shore toward which I sail. Not always on course, but, I hope, aware when I have drifted. I always find love here in your photos, in your words. xo

  7. Ms Moon, yes.

    Mark, i knowww.

    ellen, you were here from the start! i love that. and you.

    Elizabeth, she is a good soul, like you.

    mouse, they are indeed wise.

    Gabriele, thanks for the good energy!

    marylinn, love is all, xo

  8. There is something so dramatic/evocative/beautiful about black and white photos... just gorgeous.