Tuesday, May 24, 2011


My cousin and his brood took family pictures. They are so beautiful next to their white wooden louvers and Caribbean orange and green, the sun is so deep in their skin, the sea breeze teasing through. I had to put the pictures up here, because this is where I put everything that I want to be sure to remember, and see again.


  1. Yep. You're right. They sure are beautiful.

  2. Wow. That's some serious beauty there. It appears to be non-ending in your family!

  3. Indeed! Is everyone in your family that beautiful? Those kids are serious beauties!

  4. Amazing pictures! So much joy and confidence in the children's eyes.

  5. All my nieces and nephews are beauties! Certainly to me :)

    But what I love about these pictures is the confidence and security the kids radiate, as Olga noted. That has such power and it's what makes me want to put these pictures where I can see them, especially this week, when it seems to me that nurturing a sense of power and security and confidence in children can gird them to leap over challenges life will surely throw up in their path, to pick themselves up if they fall, and keep right on.

    I think my cousin and his wife are doing an awesome job. If you met these kids, you would agree.


  6. FABULOUS, Angella!! The beauty of the family and the photographs themselves. Love this post!

    And you, my friend. <3

  7. How did I miss this post? I must have been too busy reading your emails and then missed this.
    They are all such beautiful people. Your Family has good genes! m.

  8. Gabriele, the dad in this family is my baby cousin, the youngest of my generation, which I find amazing. Now he is raising his own beautiful family.

    Grady lady, thank you. For all of it.

    Mark, I did enjoy those emails though. Let's do it again soon. As for good genes, well, a little of the skinny would have been nice for some of us (read, me). But with all my blessings, it would be silly to complain.