Monday, May 23, 2011


This is the man who taught me never to judge a human by his cover. I will miss him. I will smile at the memory of our animated debates and conspiracy theories and the way we tossed ironies back and forth. I will remember the twinkle in his eye, the blatant tell that he was only playing at provocateur. And I will never forget the love and pride pouring from him whenever he gazed on his son. I am sorry this life was so hard for you, Jim. We will be there for your beloveds. Rest in peace.


  1. A beautiful depiction, you captured a connection and Jim s spirit.

  2. What a beautiful man! Who? I feel like I should know.

  3. We carry the teachings of those who touch us. I believe the good is never really lost. My sympathy, Angella. He sounds a remarkable soul. xo

  4. He looks like a gentle giant in that photo. I can tell that he was a good soul.
    Your Friend, m.

  5. Miss A, thank you.

    Isabella, I know you miss him too.

    Ms. Moon, He was a dear friend who struggled with depression. He took his own life on Sunday evening. We are reeling. A couple of years ago, I mentioned him in this post:

    Rotton Mom, thank you.

    Marylinn, he was a remarkable soul, now freed. Thank you.

    Mark, he looked fierce with all his tats, and he kind of liked when people misread him, but really he was a gentle artistic spirit.

  6. I'm so sorry for his family, and his friends, such as yourself. I read what you wrote about him in your earlier post. He sounded like a very special human being. May he rest in peace-finally.

    Sending you love ~ <3

  7. Oh, Angella, I'm so sorry. How tragic.

  8. I look at this and just can't comprehend the reality of it all....

  9. Gabriele, thank you, friend.

    ellen, thank you too.

    Susanjva, i know how you feel. it's not real for me either.