Thursday, June 2, 2011


I found this picture recently. It's my girl on a seventh grade class trip to Chinatown. She had just turned 13 years old. I love the grown up cool of the sunglasses and the self-conscious tilt of her head paired with childish bubbles on her careless self-made braids. This picture makes me happy.


  1. So sweet. My daughter turns 12 tomorrow. They are so cool at that age, aren't they?! ;)

  2. Your girl reminds me so much of my Jessie.

  3. My son turns thirteen this summer, and when I look at him I can never get over how confident and cool he is. When I was that age, I do believe I was the most awkwardly painfully self-conscious girl on the planet. I say to myself, "How did I create such an incredible creature?"

  4. Jayne, cool is just the beginning. Happy birthday to your daughter!

    Ms. Moon, i can see that. Such good hearts, our girls.

    Elizabeth, i know what you mean. Our children provoke endless wonder in me.

  5. They grow up too fast, don't they?!
    Great shot. Great girl. Great mom!
    Sending love, my friend .

  6. Gabriele, thank you, sweet woman. i don't know about the mom, but i do know about the girl and she is indeed an excellent human being.