Tuesday, June 7, 2011

That for which I am grateful

This girl

and this girl

grew up to be the best of friends, 
even though there was an ocean 
between them when these pictures 
were taken. It didn't matter. 
They found each other anyway.


  1. Love, love, love this post. What a beautiful thing, friendship!

    Your face has barely changed. . .those eyes looked wise and sparkling even then. . . .

  2. the pants -I'm in love with the pants.

    This is incredible. I'm jealous. In an I'm happy for you not resenting way.:)

  3. sweet post - here's to finding forever friendships and crossing oceans (and if we are lucky both with happen frequently!!)

  4. Best friends, a true blessing.
    I found you through this blog and know our friendship will continue forever too!! Because you are THE BEST!!!!
    Sending love ~

  5. Beautiful, it really peeks my interest. Such wonderful photos too. Why is it that old photos are so much more redolent of emotion than new ones?

  6. These two shots are perfect together.
    Of course you found each other!

  7. Grady doc, thanks for that kindness! even i see that i have the same basic face, but really, in very apparent ways, gravity has done its five decades of work, so yes, it is changed, this face is very changed. Nice to see you here!

    deb, those striped pants are fabulous, aren't they? and there is something, too, about the way she is standing that is so vulnerable i want to hug her.

    mouse, crossing oceans or just state lines. both happenings are marvelous. hugs.

    Gabriele, yes, yes, yes! Sending love to you, too.

    ABL, maybe it's because old photos are all that exist of a time irrevocably past. nostalgia is an ache even when (especially when?) the memories evoked are good ones.

    Yolie, dear soul, of course we did! love.