Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pro Patria Et Gloria

My daughter posed her friend against a war memorial in Central Park as part of a final photography project for English to illustrate the effect war on the individual. The project was in connection with the books, Mother Courage and Ruined, and my daughter titled the photo essay and process paper "Flesh to Stone." I won't get into her symbolism and reasoning, which I found fascinating and sensitively expressed. But they are not the point of this post. I just want to put up one of her photographs, because I think it is so beautiful of her friend, and reveals an intentional eye behind the camera. You can see earlier photos of my daughter and this friend here and here. I love how these six girls willingly step up as subjects for one another's artistic assignments. They show up en massed for one another's plays, photography shows, dance concerts and other events as well, even though they all attend different high schools. Their friendship is not uncomplicated, but it is tested and true. And now, they are all about to apply to college. I have no doubt they will weather that further separation, too.


  1. My daughters and her friends take beautiful portraits of each other too.
    These are truly gorgeous.

  2. Ms Moon, i think such good friends see each other more clearly, and that comes through in their photographs.

  3. So lovely! Wonderful light in her hair, especially.