Thursday, June 9, 2011

On the High Line


  1. This is a marvelous capture, Angella!

  2. You do know that I was just there, right? It's as if you are teasing me to come visit. Soon, Angella, very soon. I just need to lose 2 pounds and I'll be there.

  3. This is such a wonderful project... I hope I get to walk it some day!

  4. Absolutely stunning photos! The color,the composition,the balance - everything is artful and simply beautiful!

  5. I do love New York City -- and miss my years living there. This is such a cool project and website -- thanks for sharing!

  6. i love the high line. just read that they opened a new section.
    i had a wonderful picnic there with a friend, one evening after work, just before i left NYC. i associate the high line with a bit of sadness, regret...the end of an era for me.
    thank you for the beautiful photographs, angella.

  7. Beautiful, emotional images, my dear.

    Love and big hugs,

  8. We only have 5 days to be in New York on this trip. At first, I was "country comes to town" intimidated; then intrigued as I explored our "must see" items for the book my husband is working on, and now -- seeing your photos and reading about the High Line -- I am falling in love with New York.

  9. one the most magical places in nyc! and great shots!

  10. Tess, these pictures are part of the high line's photo project. click the link for more.

    Mark, come visit! I'll walk the high line with you. That should be good for a couple of pounds. And i do know you were there. The photo you had posted the day I found your blog was of your beautiful children sitting on the steps leading up to the high line. I recognized the place at once!

    Deborah, come to new york, you and ron, and we will all walk the high line together, and have dinner after!

    Olga, i can only imagine the photos you might take on the high line! did you visit it when you were in new york?

    Premium T, click the link for more info on the photos. Not Hipstamatic, though. How are you, friend?

    Dear Elizabeth, the city misses you! by that I mean, it would be nice to sit down with you for coffee now and then.

    susan, i am always surprised at how recently you left new york. since you were already in maine when i found you, i often imagine you've been there a long time. the high line is a lovely place to end an era, especially to usher one on to a second act, as it is, itself a second act, and a wonderful one. I wish us all, fabulous, wild, artful second acts!

    Debra, love and hugs to you, too, dear one.

    Beth, I hope you have a fabulous time in New York. Bring comfortable shoes, and enjoy. The city is big enough and varied enough and busy enough and curious enough to fold in everyone. When I came here 30 something years ago now, I felt like country comes to town, too. I quickly discovered that all it takes to feel at home in new york is an appreciation for the city and all its contradictions, challenges and excitements. i do enjoy living here, even raising kids here. i just wish i worked lesss, is all. But I still feel plugged in and alive living here.

    mouse, i agree its a magical place. these pics are part of the high line's photo gallery. click the link. enjoy!