Monday, June 27, 2011


The simple grace that surrounds me, it is stunning. Though it was therapeutic to put feelings into words, I felt so exposed after writing that post on Saturday, I finally took it down, but your deeply generous comments, your thoughtful emails, were such support. And this morning, I received this text from my son:

"Hey mommy I love you! Remember you can always vent to me. I may be stubborn like pops but I'm also part of you. And don't worry your blog didn't worry me. I know you would never leave us."

Mommy. I feel humbled and newly awake. Fragile as a newborn. I can't quite explain.



  1. see!!!

    love love love you

    ( and I love when my kids call me mommy now that they are older, it's strangely endearing and wonderful )

  2. Okay, it looks like I got some catching up to do. This is what I get for trying to take a vacation. m.

  3. I think that, in your blog, you can share what you really want to share. After twenty-five years of marriage, we are doing a great job regardless of all the difficulties. Is there anything valuable that doesn't require hard work?
    I've read all your latest posts. I really loved the pictures with your children.

  4. It's all you, ma'am. It's all you. All that love -- reflecting back on you.

  5. I always love your writing and am now heading down to read the post before...

  6. This made me tear up. Oh Angella. Oh Angella. Sigh.

  7. deb, the word does have such a beautiful sound.

    mark, welcome back. you were missed!

    olga, probably the hard work is what gets us to 25 years. and there is sweetness, too.

    elizabeth, please keep coming around. it makes my day.

    jody, things are fine, now...

    grady doc, you have sons. you know.

  8. Wow. See... That's all I've gotta say, but you obviously deserve all this love. And work... hang tight.