Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dreaming Life

"Everything can be killed except 
nostalgia for the kingdom, 
we carry it in the color of our eyes, 
in every love affair, in everything 
that torments and unties and tricks."

—Julio Cortazar 

Would I like to be somewhere else today? Intensely. Another place. Another costume. I am dreaming of being in another life today, inhabiting another body, experiencing another time, but only if I can still be with my husband and children, with all the people in this life I so love. And if I can't do that, then I will stay right here and do my job. I know my purpose. It is a gift. These exquisite photographs are by the artist and illustrator Carin Ingalsbe. Her portfolio is here



  1. How lush. Thank you for opening these photos up to us.

  2. Sadly, I don't think shifting eras is an option - though much can be done with costume. Do you wear dramatic clothes from time to time? The photos are wonderful.

  3. Lush is the word!
    I don't know. Nostalgia can be a beautiful thing. Even in memory, things change somehow. Not always for the accurate, of course.
    But that's okay.
    Hello, Ms. Angella. I am glad you are in my world.

  4. The photos are gorgeous. You're fortunate to know your purpose. It's something I've searched for all my life and occasionally find it, only to lose it again.

  5. these photos are absolutely beautiful. your post is so eloquent, pure and honest. thank you for it

  6. Angella, thank you for posting these STUNNING pieces of art!!
    I could get lost in them!!
    I'm glad you are where you are though... right here, where all of us can enjoy you...
    and send you love. ~

  7. There are days when I feel exactly the same way, my dear friend. Come to Cali sometime and we can play! But like you, if it could not be with this husband and these children then I would gladly long for something different for one hundred years but stay exactly right where I am forever.

    Big hugs and so much love.

  8. Beautiful photos. All those things you would like to do you can - imagination is the most wonderful gift.
    Isabel x

  9. You are kingdom-minded dear sister. It is a characteristic of your faith.

  10. Glen, glad you enjoy them! It's nice to give you something.

    Lucy, i am taken with your idea. I put on a man's tie with my blazer today. It was a nod to costume. Thank you.

    dear Mary, I am glad you are in my world too. And yes, nostalgia can be sweet. but still a little melancholy, no?

    Rubye, i think most of us have more than one purpose, but for me, the overarching one is my family, my children. It makes it easy to focus. Thanks for being here.

    Candice, glad you like the photos! They're so evocative.

    Gabriele, i am glad we are in each other's universe. hugs.

    Debra, the idea of us playing together puts a smile on my face.

    Isabel, thanks for the reminder. indeed there are philosophers who believe we are engaged in imagining the whole thing! so why not?

    Bruce, thank you, brother. the kingdom is all around us. love to you.