Thursday, October 20, 2011

Forces of Good

Ahh mom its all good dont worry

The text I got from my daughter just now.

She is on a college overnight visit in another city at a school she might want to attend.

Have I done enough?

Did I ask the right questions? Emphasize the right things?

My son and my niece are trying to talk me down from the ledge. They are home from college for fall break. They both settled down on their preferred couches and slept for a good long time this afternoon. Before that, they had worked on chemistry assignments. My niece is a chem major and my son is trying to decide if he wants to be pre med. She is the teaching assistant for his chem class. She looks like twelve years old but she was giving him clear and firm instruction on what he should do. He listened and I loved it.


  1. There comes a point where you do have to say, "I trust you," hard as it is. I know, it's trusting the rest of the world that's the harder part.

  2. I think you should trust that those two gorgeous kids are right.( What a fabulous photo) They have her back and will tell you if things aren't right.

  3. There was a hilarious episode last night on Modern Family about this exact thing -- did you see it?

  4. Love it. They're so close. How awesome is that. And your daughter seems like the most level headed kid ever. And even if she wanders and make a not so great choice, she can always retrace her steps and make it right. And you'll be there right along to help out. Enjoy this time. Rest. Please please rest.

  5. Your daughter is a smart-cookie. She'll be alright. And you will too!

  6. Ms. Moon, i do trust her. and she's charmed, this child, so i think her angels will guard her.

    Expat mom, they have no worries for her, so I guess I'll go with that.

    Elizabeth, my daughter and I watched it together! we laughed.

    Miss A, trying to quite the looping (loopy?) mind! Then I can rest.

    Mark, she just texted me. She's shopping! She got that black cardi and some hipster boots. so much for minor things!

  7. Isn't being a parent such fun? The very first thing I learnt was: you can never be sure you've made the right decision, you can only be grateful that you will NEVER know what would have happened if you'd chosen differently.

    Hang in.

    Isabel x

  8. How I would love to get a text like that from my daughter. These days I seem to annoy her. You've done good, I know it. more than good, I think you've been brilliant and the proof is there for you to hold.