Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Random Family

Just a few pictures from last weekend.

1. After the service last Friday, the girls grudgingly consented to being photographed. They looked really pretty in their church clothes.

2. On Saturday, my son kept covering his face and messing up the photo I was trying to get of him and his dad. My husband, for once, ignored me. The football game was on.

3. Here, my Aunt Grace is telling my son, "If I could catch a star for every time you make me smile, I would hold the evening sky in the palm of my hands." I think he's going to use it on his girlfriend. (Sorry, Isla!)

4. From left are my brother, my Aunt Grace, my mom, my niece (that's her dad in the purple polo), my daughter and my son. Finally, some compliance with the photographer's wishes! In this picture, I keep noticing everyone's hands.

5. On Monday morning, before my mom and Aunt Grace left for the airport, they went upstairs to tell their big sister goodbye. They were worried Aunt Winnie would cry, but she looked at them serenely and said, "I'm so glad you came." Like the lady of the manor. It made them all laugh. They are so devoted, these sisters.


  1. Everything today is making me weepy, this too.
    Your family- oh your family.

  2. I love family and genetics:
    - You look like your aunt. Like a lot like her.
    - Your brother and you: twins much?
    - Your niece and your daughter look like sisters
    - Your son is definitely a leaner replica of his dad, yet funny how his cousin, sister and he all look like they came out of the same mold
    - Your niece looks so much like your mom. So does your daughter.

    And all the love and closeness. It's beautiful. It's strong, it's also nostalgic and it reminds me of my childhood dream of wanting all my relatives to live in one building so that I could keep everyone close by.

  3. lovely family - what a blessing for you

    Isabel x

  4. Love these photos.
    The last one is my favorite.

  5. Ms. Moon, your tears are a gift, really. thank you.

    Miss A, you nailed it. All of it. As for your childhood dream, you are creating that even now. hugs.

    Isabel, it is a blessing. i know it too. thank you for being here today.

    Mark, that last one is my favorite, too. I love how she's looking a me. That is her love look.

  6. I posted anonymously so maybe it didn't go through. My computer is back though. I wanted to tell you that the photo of your son and husband is outstanding so full of truth true emotion and human truth. It's an award winning photo seriously gorgeous. I can't wait for my son to see it. You have the eye, you do. Your photos awash in color and light. Wow.

  7. ps. I just showed the photo of father and son to my son who said it is amazing and that's high praise.

  8. Rebecca, it's fascinating to me that you were drawn to that photo because i love it too, i didnt have to put that one up, i did get some where my son wasn't covering his face but something about that photo kept me coming back, i think it is partly how unimpinged upon by me my husband is and my son claiming his space in defiance of my camera and the light and and and.

    im just glad you like it. and that your son likes it,he who is a simply astonishing photographer. wow.

  9. I need to study these again. Your daughter's hand on your son's leg makes me long for my own brother. What an honest moment. And the way that Aunt Winnie is looking at you...You are so much more than a niece to her, my friend. So much more.

    Love you.

  10. Debra, i noticed that, too. It's like she is the older more protective child in this photo. she is an old soul. And i was very moved by the way aunt winnie was looking at me. this is how she gazes at me, steady, waiting, with a stillness in her. You, my friend, look with such eyes. You see so much.

  11. I've been reading this evening, catching up as it were.
    I adore this post. These photos. The elegant real.
    Your family is elegant real. Like art.
    You paint it all so well with words and photos and a love that just oozes into my soul.
    Thank you Angella. For sharing it all with us.

    You are loved. Very much so.