Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Atelier 688

Awake in the deep part of the night.
I have put up and taken down several posts.
Now I shall just cover my wordlessness with blank canvas.
Or maybe parachute cloth protecting frayed wishes.
Imagine cocooning in that place. I am a cliche.


  1. no, you're not.
    you are the votive candle.

  2. We are all cliches. We know what we want and it is peace.

  3. Happy holidays Angella
    best wishes Isabel x

  4. Well, we can both be cliches. I've been obsessing over/poring over pictures of beds and ateliers and other private spaces. I think it means I need rest, but the real kind -- not just sleep, but rest.

  5. I have a totally different take on that fabulous photograph -
    Because of the canvas, and the paintings, I'm assuming the person is an artist.
    I look at the oil paintings and I want to grab my brushes!! :)
    I also thought, "I hope those paintings are totally dry, otherwise that area would really stink ." Ha!
    I wish you a wonderful Holiday, my friend.
    Sending love ~

  6. Isn't it great to have a blog where you can write and work out your feelings, and then take the posts down again if need be? Sometimes silence is the best form of expression. I think I get a sense of your mindset even when you say so little.

  7. susan, your comment hits my funny bone on so many levels! love to you.

    ms moon, i wish you peace, darling woman. and margaritas on the beach.

    isabel, thank you! happy holidays to you, too!

    elizabeth, i know what you mean down to my bones. love.

    gabriele, you are a true artist. i have always fantasized about that life. romanticized it too. hugs.

    steve, i love that i met you in this place. have a wonderful first christmas in london! xo

  8. Love it. And I agree with Steve. Happy and Peace-filled Holidays to you!

  9. Another great sleeping area. I agree though, if this is an active studio it would drive me away with the smells if I was trying to sleep. Perhaps it's not for sleep though.

  10. Kathleen, thank you, dear one. Happy happy to you and your fam.

    Kristin, you know I keep staring into this picture and I don't see any painted canvases. I think that picture on the wall is a photo, and that's a mirror at the foot of the bed. all that to say, i could climb onto that mattress and sleep happily...

  11. You are anything but a cliche. Believe it.

  12. You? A cliche? Never.

    Hey, sister Angella. You = Awesome.

  13. Remember the night is a beast form. There's a reason werewolves only come out in darkness. I wonder if the idea started that way - because we seem to transform in the deepest part of night?
    I'll come howl at the moon with you next time.

  14. Rebecca, thank you dear soul.

    Grady sister, thank you too.

    Rachel, we'll make a kind of music, howling at the moon. i like that idea very much!