Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Chasing the Ghosts

“To create dangerously is to create fearlessly, boldly embracing the public and private terrors that would silence us, then bravely moving forward even when it feels as though we are chasing or being chased by ghosts.”—Edwidge Danticat

I found this photo a year ago at the dangerous and fearless blog of the beloved and incomparable Ms. Radish King. Although she may not know it, throughout this year, she has inspired me to try harder, leap higher, dig deeper. Get out of bed. When my workplace gets trying, I dub it My Glamorous Job, with irony but no bitterness, because that is what Rebecca does, and I hope she understands that this bit of imitation is with the sincerest depth of gratitude, because those three words provoke me to smile. Rebecca might be surprised at how often she makes me smile.

I posted this photo today because it reminds me that we are never alone on this pockmarked plain. The grooves are there for us to rest in. I am happy to be in this place, where I have encountered all of you. It calls back how I felt when I first found the rooms, the sense of putting down the burden, the tears flowing from relief that my God, there were other people on this earth made just like me. Thank you for that, for every part of it. You and you and yes—you.


  1. Oh dear Angella, I do love that photo so much and I love the strength I find in you and your impeccable goodness. Thank you for being part of my blue family.

  2. The Danticat quote is outstanding, as is the picture, as are your words. And yes, you.

  3. Dear Angella, the quote from Danticat is wonderful as is Rebecca's photo. You have been so generous with sharing your family, your feelings, your gratitude, that we are all the richer for it. Thank you. xo

  4. Thank You for being here. I wish you a wonderful year ahead.

  5. We are a sort of family, are we not?

  6. dear rebecca, thank you for being you. i adore you, woman.

    elizabeth, so you. so deeply you.

    melissa, what a treat to see you here! happy holidays, dear one and thank you.

    e, i wish you everything you can dream in the year ahead. i hope you keep coming around.

    maria luna, family, in the most organic and divine way. hugs.

  7. Beautiful. I hope that is what we all find in each other - inspiration, strength and a groove. I know many times I haven't FELT like it and I read here and other places and it pushes me to the keyboard.
    So glad to know you.

  8. Rachel, dear soul, i am so glad to know you, too. xo

  9. That is an amazing photo.

    Thank you, Angella!