Thursday, December 22, 2011

No Quarter

Everywhere I go, I find me.


  1. I wish that around every corner, I'd find you, too. Sending love and hoping that you're all right.

  2. i wish i could find you, fluff up your pillows, and bring you a cup of tea....(and some cookies).
    dear angella.

  3. And isn't that the damn truth?

  4. Lucky girl, to find someone like you everywhere.

  5. No matter where you go, there you are.
    You can run, but you can't hide.
    I too, would like to turn a corner and find you. That would be lovely.

    It's the time of year, when the days are dreary and the nights are so long, that I have to remind myself to be nice to me, most of all, because I need nice as much as the next person.
    So be nice to you when you run into her, OK?


  6. You are the one person from whom you can never escape...The reason we should all try to raise people who are comfortable in their skin...

    From where I sit, I see you as strong and capable. When I am having an "off" day, I breathe deeply and have my favourite tea.

    I hope you can do whatever makes you feel good.

  7. Sending hugs until you realize once again how wonderful that is. xo

  8. Dear god! Me too! I like what I find (most days.) What about you?

  9. Aww peoples. I am a lucky one and I know it. l appreciate everything you've said here, and thank you, thank you dear ones, with a big bushel of love all around.


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