Tuesday, December 27, 2011


It's raining buckets here in the city and there are three big boys, stringbean men, all six-foot-plenty of them sprawled in my house, laughing and eating the three cheese mac and cheese my husband made, refilling plates and settling in for the evening, debating whether to go see that movie or hide out here from the rain. My daughter sits in their midst, still enthralled by Psych on Netflix on her battered laptop, slipping in and out of the weaving net of voices, my husband getting his threads in there too. Tomorrow morning after he leaves for work, I will find the boys asleep under blankets, on couches or on long pillows on the floor, as if they are still 10 years old at the camp by the lake where they all went in the summers, these almost full grown men with their boyness still a sweet mischief in the air around them, especially when they sleep.


  1. Sounds cozy! There's nothing better than staying inside during a pouring rainstorm.

  2. senses, greetings and welcome!

    grady doc, it makes me smile too. this could be your future.

    steve, cozy is the word. nice to not have to go anywhere, but in fact, they did go out in the storm to see the movie Sherlock Holmes. youth!

  3. We never grow up. We might age (some of us), but we never, ever grow up ;-)

  4. I had four extra "boys" here last week. Sounds just like your house 'cept they don't eat carbs!! Sigh. I was exhausted when they left but I miss them. Aren't we the lucky ones???

  5. Ah dear one, I can hear the satisfaction in your "voice". So perfect...I am grateful that you are surrounded by the joy. Please excuse my absence lately, I have been in a state of winter hibernation, coaxing myself out.

    Have a wonderful day, my sweet, sweet friend.

    So much love,

  6. Glenn, i had a professor in college who said that after 25, only the body ages. turns out she was right! in my head i am still 25, but my joints beg to differ. happy holidays, my friend!

    Kathleen, those big ole boys can be such rambunctious fun! i do enjoy their presence. hugs to you.

    Debra, i think blogging has its cycles and i assumed you were just in a gathering cycle. no worries. nice to see you always. love to you and your family and wishes for a blessed 2012!