Thursday, April 25, 2013


The top photo is of my daughter and two of her closest friends since ever since. The one on the right is transferring to the same college as my daughter in the fall, and the mood about that is, well, rather like the mood in this photo. I love running across these old photos. The second is a more recent snap of these beautiful young ladies. Not much has changed. They're even standing in the same spot in our hallway!


  1. oh Angella! That photo up top...I remember those days, that age, the dressing up and pretending.

    Your girl exudes the same sweetness you do.

    1. Yolie, the costumes came from a purple cardboard box with white polka dots on it, and at the time it seemed every little schoolgirl in the city had such a box. I still find items from that box around the house, a pink raffia cowboy hat, a floaty veil, sequined gloves, purple boas. Fun memories! xoxo

  2. Female friendships are a priceless blessing. How sweet to know someone for so much of your life.

  3. Your daughter is like Jessie in that she keeps friends forever. And you know...they're both amazing and beautiful, etc.

  4. Love, love, love this. How proud it must make you that your children know how to be and keep dear friends.

  5. Adorable. Sweet Jo