Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Stone and Spring

"One wintry night in Wyoming, a group of men come calling to collect a debt—the life and service of Stone, the young woman at the center of this strange and mythical frontier tale." 

Brittany Tuttle's novella is a potent work of art, the writing so deceptively spare, the world that springs to life in your imagination so fully realized. Elizabeth's review of the book says it better than I ever could. I, too, was seduced, mesmerized, unsettled and finally enthralled. Our Vesuvius at Home is the real true deal. I have said before that some of the best writing I read anywhere is happening on blogs.

You can get the book here.


  1. I have it at the ready. I was going to dive in last night but exhaustion overtook me. I want to read it in my right, true mind.
    I can't wait.