Saturday, March 15, 2014

What I saw, what I heard

Movie theater on West 84th

West 73rd Street store window

The church of Hal

"It is hard to know where our stories are going as they are being written. That is the mystery of faith"

—from the Jason DaSilva filmWhen I Walk as quoted by Hal


  1. Okay. First of all- what is the Church of Hal?
    Secondly- these pictures are just freaking gorgeous. I hope things are at peace tonight. And when I say "things" I mean you.

    1. Dear Mary, Hal is the most fabulous and inspiring weight watchers leader in the city. He has all these sayings. But most of all he's walked the walk and is the most compassionate, funny, charismatic gay southern boy you ever want to meet. I'll probably write about him one day. Or just link stories done about him in the local papers. There have been many!

  2. wow. these pics are amazing! this is ny? lol