Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Liner notes

My beautiful nephew. He's a fine musician and a gentle soul. That's what a Jamaican-American-Sioux looks like. All that's really missing here are the liner notes.

Here's a video interview he did a while back. You can sense his sweet spirit and hear him riffing on guitar. Someone wrote in comments that "he's the next Hendrix and not just because of the hair."

As my daughter would say, "Lit."


  1. Probably as thoughtful as he is handsome, coming from your family.

  2. He would fit right in, in Cuba.
    Lord but he's beautiful.

  3. Good lord, he's beautiful. I might be having inappropriate thoughts, but since I'm over the hill, humor me. As they say in the South, "I bet his mama loves him."

  4. Does he have anything recorded on youtube or elsewhere? I love to hear about good and gentle young people. Well, good and gentle people of any age at all, really.

    1. jenny, i don't know how to upload his music here but i did just link and interview he did a while back. On it you can hear him play a bit. He's Jimi Hendrix meets Bob Marley meets Simon and Garfunkel. Talented kid. And completely marching to his own beat. I adore him.

    2. Oh Angella, he's GOOD!! Thank you so much for the link. What a lovely young man - talented, humble, full of light and - as you said - a gentle soul. All the best to him!